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Essay. The study of picture frames in general, and of Renaissance frames in particular, is a discipline in its infancy. Historic frames have always been the poor cousins of important collections of paintings and drawings. Italian Renaissance frames are characterized by a simple economy and efficiency in structural and ornamental. The Italian Renaissance was a surge of ideas and creativity that would define the modern world. Since the end of the Renaissance, scholars have been mystified by the root cause that led to such a great era. Although the origins of the Italian Renaissance all vary in importance, all . The Renaissance took place over a long period of time. Maybe this is an indication of its immense popularity both then and now. However, the Italian Renaissance can be divided into three distinct periods known as Early, High, and Late respectively.

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Italian Renaissance brought humanity into a golden age of artistic expression and the rejuvenation of humanism as a philosophy and a way of looking at italian renaissance essay world. Italian Renaissance, 1 The re-discovery of many ancient Greek and Roman texts allowed architects, artists, historians, and scientists to build upon the greatest achievements of man from the ancient world.

After centuries of feudalism and a strong Catholic Church, wealthy elites began to compete amongst themselves in various artistic forms, commissioning works of art from common artists intended for the italian renaissance essay glorification of themselves or their family, a sharp contrast to the feudal idea of serf and italian renaissance essay. The Italian Renaissance consolidated science and technology in order to establish new understanding of the world, and the way in which humanity thought.

Italian Renaissance Art an Analysis. The two seem to be squaring off in generosity, each inviting the other to go before him to make obeisance. The postures and figures in italian renaissance essay crowd range of arrogance to humility. A figure on the left appears to be frowning haughtily at the scene before him as though he could not possibly give up his dignity to bow before such a poor family, italian renaissance essay.

The fact that the setting is shifted from Bethlehem to Italy, complete with realistic depiction of countryside, sky, history, and place shows how important it was for the artist to make this Scriptural story as much a part of the lives of the Florentines as could be possible.

Italian renaissance essay is why Botticelli transports the setting of the Adoration from the Middle East to Italy -- to drive home both the idea that Jesus was born for all men and the idea that Florence is as great…… [Read More].

Italian Renaissance Was the Beginning. The landscape diffuses in colors to give optical illusion of perspective and farness. The first figures, of the two children are softly modeled in lights and shades.

The light is bright and clear and it seems to have no specific direction. Although enaissance had great preoccupation with the study of light and the use of it to give volume, there will pass a longer time before artists would really use the light in all its realistic power. Italian Renaissance Art. It went on until around in Italy, when a more Baroque style developed to take its place, but Northern Mannerism lasted into the first part of the 17th century, all through much of Europe.

Stylistically, Mannerism includes an assortment of methods swayed by, and responding to, the congruous principles and controlled naturalism associated with artists such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Raphael. This essay will discuss Mannerism expression of an era, the characteristics that define this movement and the reason why it is an extension of the earlier conventions.

Mannerism: Reflection of the Era For years, italian renaissance essay, many have thought that Mannerism was essentially considered to be a tendency developed by artist because it communicated the liberalism in their expression. However, more evidence leans toward…… [Read More]. The work shows Venus, the goddess of love, overlooking a sleeping Mars, the god of love. A clear depiction of the power of love over war, "Mars and Venus" is painted in muted tones and careful outlines, giving the painting a dreamlike feeling.

Botticelli was known for his commissions for major churches in Florence, as well as his famed wall frescos on the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican in Rome.

He painted a number of famed religious paintings, including "The Adoration of the Magi," "Madonna of the Pomegranate," "The Cestello Annunciation," as well as a number of paintings that depicted Roman and Greek legends, including "Primavera," "The…… [Read More]. Italian Renaissance the Reasons Behind. This uncertainty "provided the material for new intellectual, cultural, italian renaissance essay, and social experiments that would at their conclusion provide the means of constructing a new European monocultural identity, one focused on humanistic studies, science, and the arts" Hooker.

According the History Channel, the Renaissance was "above all an urban phenomenon" History that is conceptually linked with the past in that while "medieval scholars looked askance at the pagan Greek and Roman world, believing that they were living in the final age before the last judgment, their Renaissance counterparts adored the ancients, condemned the Middle Ages as ignorant and barbaric, and proclaimed their own age one of light and the rebirth of the classical heritage" history.

In the midst of challenge and change, answers to life's questions were discovered. The Renaissance is the result of several aspects in a society manifesting themselves in a way that demonstrates mankind's ability to adapt and…… [Read More]. Italian Renaissance. Power and the Changing Social Role of the Artist The process of artistic creation is often taken for granted as the product of some singularly brilliant talent acting alone in his or her inspiration.

However, this notion undermines the importance of art as reflecting certain social or cultural conditions pertinent to the time and place of its creation. This is the premise at the center of the article by indwhich weighs the relationship between individual will power and artistic creation. Article Summary: ind's article describes the considerable difference between producing art in the feudalist eras and today, examining various relationships between prominent artists and project commissioners over history.

Largely, this describes a relationship between iconic…… [Read More]. Science in the Italian Renaissance. Technology has now reached such dizzying heights that it attempts to give us here and now italian renaissance essay Empyrean that Galileo's telescope neglected to find. How has it worked? Perhaps that should be the subject of another discussion.

All the same, it is interesting to note that modern science is still attempting to explain the mysteries of the universe that in the medieval world were simply accepted on faith as part of the Faith revealed by God.

Today, italian renaissance essay, that God is dead as Nietzsche tells usand we are left creating new myths of Supermen, whom we adore in droves at the cinemas every year. What does it all mean? These are interesting points for speculation.

If we look at the reaction to Galileo's article in the Starry Messenger inwe find both approval and condemnation. The Carmelite Foscarini, for example, was in favor of pursuing Galileo's discoveries.

The Holy…… [Read More]. Art Italian Renaissance Art This. Here Mars is asleep and unarmed, while Venus is awake and alert. The meaning of the picture is that love conquers war, or love conquers all. Some art connoisseurs have considered that the detailed wasps at upper right may have been a link to the popular Vespucci family of Florence and other connoisseurs have decided that the wasps are nothing more than a symbolism for Venus and the stings of love, italian renaissance essay.

It showed cupids playing with Alexander's spear and armor. Botticelli's satyrs may refer to this. Mars is sleeping the 'little death' which comes after making love, and not even a italian renaissance essay in his ear will wake…… [Read More].

Reformation the Italian Renaissance in Babcock's Account, italian renaissance essay. Yet there seem to be contradictions in his account of the Northern enaissance, italian renaissance essay. For example, Babcock argues that the eformation is alive today for the reasons that Max Weber emphasized in his italian renaissance essay "whose title gives the whole thesis away": The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, italian renaissance essay.

Babcock Weber claims Protestants were looking for "signs of God's blessings on His elect" and found them in "hard work, the acquisition and growth of capital" Babcock summarizes Weber as arguing that "through the acquisition of wealth, and all the capitalistic virtues that go with that, one could demonstrate that there was the blessing of God in your life" Babcock concedes that Weber's thesis has been "very controversial" but he himself endorses it as italian renaissance essay "very powerful interpretation" I…… [Read More].

Mystery of the Italian Renaissance. He took Giotto's notions and ran with them, so to speak. He, too, was breaking away from tradition because he viewed art differently than others sis.

In his book, Michelangelo, illiam Lace states that Michelangelo was responsible for bringing realism to art and "freeing it from the stiff formality of the preceding centuries" Lace 7.

Michelangelo wanted his art to appear as realistic as possible. His goal was to create something that suggested italian renaissance essay emotion, italian renaissance essay. In addition to this, Michelangelo also saw the artist differently than others did as well. He wanted to bring forth from the stone what was already inside it. Here we see an artist that sees himself as a part of the artistic process. This sort of though was new and it inspired many artists of the day.

Renaissance and Other. Renaissance Art The relationship between patronage and art During Early and High Renaissance of Italy, it was through the vehicle of patronage was the key fashion in which an artist established his artistic identity as well as established himself economically.

For instance, in considering Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus," it is important to remember italian renaissance essay this vision is not an individualistic picture of a an artist living outside of his society, italian renaissance essay. Rather, the patron who commissioned the Botticelli painting for his country villa was a member of the rich and powerful family of the Medici, italian renaissance essay, and demanded that certain artistic standards and ideals be reflected in the italian renaissance essay. Venus, italian renaissance essay, it was thought, and all…… [Read More].

Renaissance Was Born Out of, italian renaissance essay. Considered part of the Northern Renaissance, German Renaissance developed in the 15th and 16th centuries among German thinkers who had traveled to Italy, the cradle of the movement, and had been inspired to import it to Germany. Humanism exerted a strong influence over the arts and sciences in several German principalities, and coincided with a period of political development.

Painting was one of the most prominent italian renaissance essay of artistic expression within the German Renaissance, italian renaissance essay. Also, publishing and printmaking were two areas which developed significantly throughout this period.

German art was deeply influenced by its Gothic past, but many painters became increasingly more interested in fusing these Gothic elements with newer developments. Two of the most important figures of German visual arts were Konrad itz, a conservative German painter who was less keen on adopting Italian trends, and Albrecht Durer who was both a painter and a graphic master.

In fact,…… [Read More]. Some claim that it was the result of the fall of Constantinople and the many Greek scholars and texts which found their way to Italy soon after bringing with them not only the knowledge of the classical world, but the new Islamic knowledge that was derived from it. This influx on knowledge started a cultural revival which sought to recapture the glorious past of the classical world, but soon exploded into the creation of an entirely new cultural identity based on the classical past but transformed into something completely unique, italian renaissance essay.

The ideas of the enaissance spread throughout Europe completely transforming European nations artistically, economically, politically, socially, technologically, and in virtually every other aspect of culture.

One can…… [Read More], italian renaissance essay. Renaissance Art Reflection the Birth and Evolution. Of course, no story on beauty can ever be told without the use of Venus and the changes she undergoes throughout the years during the enaissance. Botticelli gave Venus life, Bronzino beatified her to a goddess-like pedestal, italian renaissance essay, and Cambiaso shadowed her in humanity.

It is through these artists' eyes that one can see the progression of beauty throughout the enaissance years. Earlier enaissance artists sought to epitomize and define beauty as "an order or arrangement such that nothing can be altered except for the worse" Haughton, N. While the movement brought along by the enaissance certainly aimed to focus toward a realistic depiction of beauty, this was not always so defined during Botticelli's time, italian renaissance essay.

If one…… [Read More]. Renaissance A Comparison Between the Italian and. After the Dark Ages, for instance, the enaissance or "rebirth," a period of artistic-related growth across Europe, was one such change that literally pulled Europe out of the deterioration in which it found itself after the fall of the oman Empire, and put it on a path of regrowth that was so replete with creativity that many italian renaissance essay are still talking about it today.

In order to better understand these historical changes, this paper will examine the enaissance, for it was a very complex movement, in order to understand it better, italian renaissance essay, and will do so by comparing the…… [Read More].


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The Italian Renaissance Essay Words | 4 Pages. The Italian Renaissance Throughout history many art movements have emerged that artists and styles are classified under. One large contributing movement over the time period from about to about was known as the Italian Renaissance. May 11,  · View and download italian renaissance essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your italian renaissance essay. The Renaissance took place over a long period of time. Maybe this is an indication of its immense popularity both then and now. However, the Italian Renaissance can be divided into three distinct periods known as Early, High, and Late respectively.